Run Docker as normal user on Ubuntu 20.04

Learn how to setup permissions to run Docker as normal user on Ubuntu 20.04
Docker ubuntu mint usermod setfacl ACL pemission

Changes in Go implementation of the new protobuf and gRPC

Differences between APIv1 and APIv2 implementation of protocol buffers and gRPC in Golang
Go Golang protobuf gRPC vscode

Sync Kubernetes volume with S3 bucket

Learn how to backup or actually sync your Kubernetes volume with S3 compatible bucket
kubernets volume backup sync s3 minio

Develop Kubernetes native applications in Golang with auto-recompile and auto-restart

Learn how to have automatic recompile and restart of your Go project running on Kubernetes
Kubernetes Go Golang development controller operator native application autorecompile autorestart

Using Traefik 2.2 middlewares with Kubernetes Ingress resources

Learn how to write and use Traefik middlewares
traefik middleware Kubernetes ingress redirect auth