Upcoming Go's generics

In the very early adoption of Go by the open source community, lot of developers already suggested the lack of generics. However, some other claimed that simplicity of Go shouldn’t be compromised by generics. Few days ago, the never ending discussions pro and contra generics are finally over. The proposal is accepted and we can expect generics in Go 1.18 somewhere in spring of 2022. You may wonder why does it take that long, but this is not just about the compiler but also some parts of the standard library may need to be rewritten in order to replace the old code which could benefit from generics....

2021-02-26 · 5 min · Boban Acimovic

Go vanity imports

If you have just started learning Go or already developing in Go for quite some time, you may noticed that most of the Go packages are imported directly from their respective VCS repositories, but there are some packages imported from URL’s like golang.org/x/text or go.uber.org/zap . If you try to visit such URL’s, you may see different results like being redirected to documentation or just some dummy page. This is completely different from packages hosted on GitHub, for example github....

2021-02-21 · 2 min · Boban Acimovic

A first impression of Rust from the perspective of a Go developer

In these uncertain times and multiple months of remote work, at least we have some more time to dive into something new. I have been developing in Go since 2017, learned some TypeScript in the meantime, but few days ago I wanted to get into Rust once again. First time, approximately a year ago I gave up very quickly, realizing that Rust requires lot of time to learn and I didn’t have that much time at the moment....

2020-12-26 · 3 min · Boban Acimovic

Automated MySQL MariaDB tables optimization in Kubernetes

Kubernetes simplified applications management a lot and this also applies to databases like MySQL/MariaDB, but lot of DevOps forget to apply traditional maintenance and optimization which is still necessary unless you are using some operator capable of doing so. The optimization method that will be described here applies just to single and master-slave replicated MySQL/MariaDB instances. If you run some clustered version like Galera , you probably have to find another way because of possible consistence and performance problems during the eventual optimization....

2020-12-26 · 2 min · Boban Acimovic

Run Docker as normal user on Ubuntu 20.04

In lot of instructions how to run docker on Ubuntu 20.04 (same applies to Linux Mint Ulyana) you may find that after installing docker you have to add your user to docker group by the following command: 1 sudo usermod -aG docker $USER If you still get permission errors, you may try to set ACL: 1 sudo setfacl -m user:$USER:rw /var/run/docker.sock

2020-11-17 · 1 min · Boban Acimovic